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The resources currently offered by are as follows:


Clients who have set up Consumer Proposals through our office can access their Consumer Proposal payments and balances online 24/7 with our client LOGIN PORTAL, by clicking on the drop-down menu heading entitled My Consumer Proposal, which can be found below the TOOLS Heading on our main menu bar.

Our clients have commented that this feature eliminates the time playing telephone tag, or when they think about it on their free time in the evenings or on the weekends when our office is closed, they can still find the information they need.

Our site also offers a series of Interactive Financial Calculators that will help residents of Alberta with significant purchases or financing options and the management of their debts.

Everyday, people in Alberta have to make financial decisions, some of them major, some of them minor. For the most part, people do not have the tools to research or fully consider the options available to them and often rely on the advice of others, sometimes salesmen, when they make financial decisions that will have a lasting affect on their well-being. The accumulation of debts without considering the whole picture can lead to financial ruin and a bankruptcy to fix it.

Some helpful resources currently offered by are as follows:

Debt and Credit Card Repayment Calculators

Home Loan and Mortgage Calculators

Personal Loan and Lease Calculators

Our calculators are intended to provide our clients, and others who may use our website, with some helpful tools and tips to compare and consider the impact of various financing packages that may be available to them with the hope of helping residents of Alberta make better choices and avoid bankruptcy and financial uncertainty.

You can access any of the Calculators listed above by clicking on any of the highlighted calculator descriptions identified above.

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